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A Moment - The Matrix, Agent Smith/Agent Smith, PG-13.
He gently took his hand and squeezed it, and smiled up at himself, looking back out at the sunset.
(Written for the Yuletide challenge.)

Bottled - Clay Aiken/Josh Groban, PG.
"Just one night," Clay echoed softly.

Covered - American Idol, Kimberly Caldwell/Carmen Rasmussen, PG-13.
"Don't you think this is all pretty blasphemous?"

Complementary - Keanu Reeves/Hugo Weaving, PG. Very vague Matrix Revolutions spoiler.
Hugo's world is painted in bold strokes of deep, rich colors.

Godless Nights - Boondock Saints, Connor & Murphy Macmanus (gen), PG.
Murphy's hands were never clean in his dreams.
(Written for the Two Lines challenge.)

Newsworthy - Bottle Rocket, Dignan (gen) & implied Bob/Anthony, PG.
He liked smoothing the metal, still warm to the touch, and carefully shaping it against the mold.

One - Harry Potter, Sirius Black, gen. Heavy OotP spoilers.
Each entered his head, pounding and spinning incessantly.
(In response to a HP100 challenge - beyond the veil.)

Maps - The Matrix, Agent Smith/Neo, PG.
He was surprised by the warmth, primarily.

Real - American Idol, Clay Aiken/Rickey Smith, PG-13.
Clay looked down at Rickey's hands, then looked up to meet his eyes.
(Written for the First Noel challenge.)

Sea - Queer as Folk, Brian Kinney/unknown, PG-13.
Brian stumbled down the narrow hall a bit further, the dim lighting and heavy music making the walls even closer and the air even thicker.

Sun-Dried - Robbie Williams/Jonathan Wilkes, PG-13.
He stayed in bed for three straight days, staring out the window, fingers stained with newsprint.

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