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Fic Recommendations

Surfing by Buffett - DM/EW. One of the first RPS fics I ever read, and part of what really got me hooked.

Open Tug Push by gabbyhope, oneangrykate and untitled06 - BB/DM/EW. It's the motherfucking smutbomb, dude. Required reading.

Purr by Jai - DM/EW. Who knew purring could be so sexy?

The Conspiracy by Gabbyhope - DM/EW. This is one of those fics where I finish it grinning uncontrollably. Great stuff.

Made For Two by strawberryelfsoap - DM/EW. This seriously cracked me up, and it was also very sweet. Awww.

Positivity by Rave - Another one that made me laugh really hard, but also made me go "awww."

The Real Place by sheldrake - DM/BB. Her characterization of Billy is so good it hurts. Just read it.

Wrong by Shaenie - OB/BB. Really, really intense - slight squick warning? But holy shit, I love it.

In the Script by Kia - DM/BB. Fantastic dialogue, very sweet overall.

Screw it Up by inbetweens - DM/BB. Cute little fic set during the LotR filming, with surprisingly good characterization of Peter Jackson. Love it!

Fuck by Beth Gulla - DM/EW. She sets the mood of the fic beautifully - you really get lost in the setting. Great attention to detail as well.

Les hommes du petit papier by ella minnow - No particular pairing. One of those "character study" type fics, and it works beautiful. And Andy! Eeee!

Investigative Journalism by Ellison Wonderland - Future Clark/Lex. This goes from fucking hysterical to insanely hot, and back and forth again. Holy shit, man.

Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar! by Julad - Clark/Lex. This traces the lives of the various Smallville kids (focusing on Clark) from when they were very little, and it's seriously one of the cutest things I've ever read. Definitely made me squeal.

Colors by Annie Grayston - Clark/Lex. A lovely quiet fic about, well, colors. Fantastic.

Some Days Better Than My Heart by Nestra - Clark/Lex. A very interesting look into Lex's thought processes. I really like it.

You Get Fries With That by Caroline Baker - Clark/Lex. This has, hands-down, some of the best and most believable dialogue I've ever read. A wonderful first-time fic - I highly recommend it.

Twenty-one by Livia - Clark/Lex. Another first-time fic, but with a very different feel and mood. It has a very good pace, and you really get a feel for the situation.

Madness by Kia. Billy Boyd/Ewan McGregor. She seriously did her research, and came out with this fic that's subtlely funny and teasingly hot.

Cup O'Noodles by yeats - Mark/Roger (from RENT). This is the only RENT-fic I've ever read, and it's fucking fantastic. You don't really need to be familiar with the musical to appreciate it - it's just beautiful.

Count by sparckk - Gerry/Gerry (from the movie Gerry) - I haven't even seen this movie (and don't worry, there aren't any spoilers) and I absolutely loved this. The language is just breathtaking, and you really feel everything with the characters. Love it.