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Bite - DM/EW, PG.
Dom wandered toward the bathroom, hovering in the doorway.

Fall - VM/KU, PG. Drabble.
Viggo gave him a wry half-smile.

Found - DM/EW, PG. Drabble.
Dom sighed, drumming his fingers once on the floor.

Fucking Dyke - DM/EW, PG-13. Genderfuck.
"What's wrong with--" she stumbled over the word. "...with dykes, anyway?"

Flying - DM/EW, PG. Drabble.
"Let me have some."

Galileo - DM/BB, PG. Drabble.
Dominic shrugged, gunning the engine.
(In response to a LotRPS100 challenge: sci-fi/fantasy AU. Technically a crossover; knowledge of Neil Gaiman and/or Terry Pratchett helpful.)

Jealousy - DM/BB/EW, PG-13.
They catch each other's eyes, turning their heads slightly in the other's direction, laughing softly.

Method Acting - VM/HW, PG. Drabble.
Hugo turned and gave him a long, hard look.
(In response to a LotRPS100 challenge: middle of the action.)

Pretty - OB/DM/EW, PG. Drabble.
Orlando let out an exasperated sigh, tugging on his wig.
(In response to a LotRPS100 challenge: movie crossovers. Yes, it's Sorority Boys.)

Rays - DM/AS, PG. Drabble.
“Look.” Dom pointed to the sky.
(In response to a LotRPS100 challenge: "breaking up.")

Seasonably Warm - BB/OB, PG-13/R.
When he got up to rinse out his glass, he noticed that Billy’s coffee cup was gone.
(Written for Slasha Baby.)

Shopping - DM/EW, PG. Drabble.
"Damn broken carts."

Sweat - DM/EW, PG-13. Drabble.
His eyes locked with Lij's.

Terrible - VM/OB, PG-13.
Viggo ran a hand across his own lips, watching Orlando for a moment.

Touch - DM/EW, PG. Drabble.
Laying his head on Dom's chest, he closed his eyes.

Wet - DM/EW, PG-13.
Lij rose to his knees, and Dom bent slightly, their lips meeting again.

Whisper - BB/EW, PG-13.
Billy put a hand on Elijah's mouth.

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